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Funding announcement for South West Dairy road network.

The Victorian Government recently announced that the Victorian Budget 2020/21 will include $272.4 million to upgrade significant roads in the South West Region including the Great Ocean Road and the key inland road network that supports the dairy industry.

$115 million will be invested for upgrading the connecting routes between the Great Ocean Road and the Princess Highway West, roads that are imperative for both freight and tourism industries as well as the local community.

The Barwon South West Dairy Supply Chain will benefit with $17.4 million invested in rebuilding, resurfacing and widening roads, strengthening or replacing bridges and planning for future upgrades.

The upgrades and repairs will allow for heavier vehicles and offer more efficient transport from farms, depots and processors.

Minister for Roads and Road Safety Ben Carroll welcomed the announcement saying,

“This will deliver stronger, safer and more reliable roads for locals, tourists and the freight industry – it will help to boost the region’s economic recovery following the pandemic.”

SED Regional Advisory worked with Barwon South West Dairy Supply Chain Group for over 12 months to prepare extensive mapping of supply chain routes, processing, logistics and distribution infrastructure and developed the final economic impact and business case and advocacy documentation to support this crucial funding.


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