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SED offers a range of development, strategic and management services supporting regional Australia.  


Our experience is in improving organisations, strategic regional planning and creating
and enhancing asset value to assist our clients to achieve their goals.


SED was founded in 1996 in Ballarat as Strategic Enterprise Development. 
Today it comprises a team of highly qualified professionals who combine practical, commercial and technical experience to assist our clients solve their problems and challenges whilst supporting and guiding growth and innovative thinking.


We are regionally based, our team live and work in the regions allowing for a unique perspective of the needs and challenges faced by regional Australia. This mix provides a dimension to our work that metropolitan based firms cannot match. Through independent and contemporary thinking, we aim to grow the competitiveness of our clients and of regional Australia.


What drives us:


Powering potential is our passion and we share this with those who are interested in the regions, as well as anyone who is committed to advancing Australia.


We're committed to unlocking value in Australia's regions and helping our clients pursue and seize more ambitious economic opportunities.


We understand that innovation drives prosperity, that's why we work with organisations and clients to embed and drive the change needed for growth.

Who we are

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