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Major upgrades completed for Victoria's busiest regional airport

Mildura Airport is soon to welcome larger aircraft and an increase in air traffic movements with the completion of major upgrades to lengthen and strengthen the runway.

The runway overlay project was jointly funded by the Australian Government, Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development ($10 million), Mildura Airport ($6 million) and Mildura Rural Council ($4 million) for a strengthening and preservation overlay. The Victorian State Government, through Regional Development Victoria, contributed $5.047 million to fund the runway extension by 150m. The joint $25 million project will extend the lifespan of the runway by 15 years.

Mildura Airport is Victoria’s largest and busiest regional airport, servicing over 212,000 airline passengers per annum from around 4,500 regular passenger transport aircraft movements. It is the principle Regular Passenger Transport (RPT), General Aviation and Pilot Training Airport in the Sunraysia Region of Victoria.

SED prepared the 'Mildura Airport Runway Upgrade - Business Case' to provide stakeholders with a concise statement of the need, justification, cost and delivery mechanism for provision and the economic impact of an asphalt overlay of the runway and extension.

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