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Ballarat Turf Club confirms $8m funding from Racing Victoria for synthetic track

Ballarat Turf Club had a recent win with the announcement of substantial funding for the installation of a synthetic racetrack to complement the existing grass track. Ballarat Turf Club confirmed the successful funding bid with $8 million secured from Racing Victoria, the project is set to begin in May 2019.

“From a racing industry perspective, this is one of the watershed moments for racing in Ballarat,” explained Ballarat Turf Club chief executive Lachlan McKenzie.

The project is a boost for the region's racing community resulting in more race events, a potential for over 40 race meets per year and the reliability of never missing out on an event due to inclement weather or poor track conditions. The new track also allows for an expansion in training activity as the current facility has almost reached capacity. More training activity results in more employment for the local community with one full time job for every four horses trained at the Dowling Forest facility. The synthetic track opens up the potential for 200 horses in training, the equivalent of 50 full time jobs. A real win for the Miners Rest community and employment and growth for the region.

SED has worked with the Ballarat Turf Club for a number of years helping support its growth and development by providing economic and business cases, land use planning and design services which included supporting the Turf Club's submission and economic background documentation that was presented to Racing Victoria.

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